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I have taken the proprietary data base solution which I designed courtesy of Filemaker and transferred the records for older members of the Perrin and Wentz families onto these web pages. As web pages go, these are large but not worse than some of the maps on the narrative pages. (Besides I am too old to learn PHP :).

The databases generally contain everything on the other webpages and then some. They are not complete, but may help in orientation while reading the narrative. As a general rule, the further the entries are from my family line, the more likely I am to be relying on information which I have not personally researched. Furthermore, I do not update these records as often, so there may be information in the narrative which is not reflected in them (last update April 17, 2019).

Finally, a personal confession. In the database I have ocaisonally incorporated some of my fantasies regarding the Perrin genealogy. This way I will be able to tell who has copied this work into their own files. So when I refer to the unknown daughter of John Perrin, Sr. who married John Powell, or the first wife of Thomas Perrin of Town Creek, or even the uncertain relation of John Perrin, Sr. to the English Perrins, be skeptical.

Using the data base

Each individual record will contain some link to a spouse, parent, or child. These will be marked as hyperlinks, and one may travel to that record by clicking.

The data present is bare bones, and much of it is subject to my prejudices as indicated by the narrative. Furthermore, be careful to observe which entry you wish to look at, as occasionally there are records next to each other with the same names!

I have taken care to not list persons who may still be alive at the time of compilation, so if no children are listed for some entries, it may mean that the children are alive.

To enter the site, please choose one of the following persons in the Perrin family:

And in a separate file, one of the following Wentz family members:

Of course, if you get lost, you can go to home, or back to this page by using the back tab on your web browser.

Family Trees

Also accessible from here are several pdf files which display relationships within the Perrin families in the traditional family tree format. These I drew during the long Wisconsin winter as a remedy for cabin fever. I am not sure what they are good for, and perhaps in the future I will become ingenious and put links or such into them. But for now they might be good for people who like to visualize families in this way. These trees are also up to date as of January 1, 2018.

There are five trees available for view:

In these trees I have included a lot of speculative information, so once again please don't copy them or cite them as true.


So long as you stay with the people in my direct family line (the immediate families of the entry points given above) I can take responsibility for the data in the database. That is to say you will find discussion in the narrative explaining my arguments for any relationships which are not tacked down by primary source material, or else find the references for the source material itself. Outside of my family line I have slavishly copied data provided to me by others from their research. These include

In these cases I have usually limited myself to posting here only one additional generation of data.

In the case of the Perrins of Bedford County, Pennsylvania and Allegany County, Maryland I have been fortunate to find further references. Since I have not directly corresponded with the persons who compiled them, their information may or may not be as reliable than the individuals mentioned above. There is a published family bible record which extends the Edward Perrin, son of John Perrin, Jr. line further . Another published bible record comes from the descendants of Joseph (son of John Perrin, Sr.) Perrin's daughter Rachel in Washington County, Maryland .

Information concerning Amos Perrin and his descendants in West Virginia is available from a web site .

Finally, contains extensive information regarding the descendants of Henry F. Perrin, son of Lennox Perrin , and Deborah Perrin, daughter of Thomas Perrin of Town Creek . These I have confirmed, and sometimes extended, as much as web-based documentation will allow. There appears to be little in the way of inaccurate data in these posted family trees, as the informants have stayed with history passed on within their families.

The most confusing area presented here, and one area where doubtless I will have contributed to the confusion, lies with Edward (son of John Perrin, Sr.) Perrin's children. Here I have drawn from material received by my father in the 1970's from Francis Spence (who descended from the Cuppy's) and Elsie Perrin Rader. I do not know if any of this material has been published, or if it be correct.