Narrative Table of Contents

Here I have listed each web page in narrative order, providing links to each subdivision therein. The headings agree as much as possible to the book.

  1. Foreward and Acknowledgments
  2. About Geneological Sources
  3. Thomas Perrin, yeoman of Backwell
  4. John Perrin, mariner of Bristol
  5. Edward the Quaker, Bristol trader
  6. Thomas Perrin, merchant of London
  7. Thomas Perrin in the Netherlands and Pennsylvania
  8. John Perins, Before the Indian War
  9. John Perrin During and After the Indian War
  10. Edward Perrin and Mary Cherry in Washington County, Pennsylvania
  11. John Perrin (Jr.) of Southampton Township, Bedford County, Pennsylvania
  12. Joseph, son of John Perrin | The sale of John Perrin's Maryland land
  13. John Perrin, Jr.'s sons in Fairfield and Franklin County, Ohio
  14. Thomas Perrin of Town Creek
  15. Amos Perrin and Deborah Perrin Stewart
  16. James K. Perrin and Town Creek
  17. The Brownsville Years
  18. Upton G. M. Perrin, William H. Perrin and Pittsburg
  19. Florus Romulus Cassius Perrin in Crafton, Pennsylvania
  20. Lea Perrin in Crafton
  21. Alberta Perrin Day
  22. Sarah Perrin's Vision
  23. The Lazear Family
  24. The Powell Family
  25. The Maxwell Family
  26. Kramer Family
  27. Wentz Family